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Birthday Cards 

Post a birthday card or any other greeting card to your mother father, brother, sister in fact any type of relation . On this site our greeting card selector will help you quickly click your way to birthday cards of your choice and we will then post it for you, or you may just purchase the card.

  We Will

  • Hand write or print the message of your choice.
  • Enclose UK store gift vouchers of your choice.
  • Post it NOW to ensure next working day UK delivery.
  • Or save your order and post it in the future.
  • Alternatively you can have the card sent directly to yourself.

  All you have to do

  • Pick a card from our extensive range of high quality birthday cards.
  • Tell us your personal message and the posting address of your greeting card.
  • Its as simple as that ! all from as little as £2.99 (Special Offer Prices)
  • All prices shown are inclusive of UK postage and VAT, we will not add on anything extra part way through your birthday card order.  

Featured Birthday Cards 

Fathers Day cards

Fathers Day cards

Great selection of Fathers Day cards from




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Handmade Cards

New range of hand cards


Did You Know 

  Birthdays and Astrology

The modern Astrological sign that one is said to be born under depends on your birthday, and the exact time of birth is used to calculate your natal chart. However, astrology is not limited to the west and in particular the tabloid newspapers alone, western astrology by itself has dozens of branches and various offshoots. In modern India Vedic astrology (or Jyotish) is commonly used even now in every day life. In China Chinese astrology has been around for thousands of years and continues to flourish. The ancient Greeks formed Hellenistic astrology while the Mayans of South America also formed their own brand of astrology with the help of their super-precise, world-famous observatories. The ancient Egyptians also had their own system of birthday astrology while a unique system of astrology eventually emerged in Tibet as well.

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  Our Service

ClickAndPost (UK) lets you send that greeting cards now, for next day delivery. We will hand write the greeting cards and post it for you. We will send by post birthday cards, send by post Christmas cards send by post valentines cards. send by post wedding day cards. send by post anniversary cards. send by post birthday card. send by post good luck card. send by post mothers day card. send by post fathers day greeting card. in fact we will send by post all types of greeting cards

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